How Do You Spend Your Summer Vacation at Lake Achensee?

A holiday in summer at Lake Achensee means lots of relaxing, interesting and exciting activities. Whether diving, mountain biking, sailing or surfing. Even those who have thought that hiking is boring are wrong. Because hikes through the region around the Achensee and the Rofan and Karwendel mountains contain all sorts of fascinating impressions. What activities does Lake Achensee and the region offer in summer?

Sailing, diving, surfing and fishing

First of all, let’s look at the Achensee itself, with its crystal-clear water, which is almost of drinking water quality . In addition to the Achensee shipping, which operates on the lake, the lake offers a whole range of activities. Sailors and surfers will get their money’s worth due to the good winds on Lake Achensee.

But divers and anglers will also find plenty of opportunity to pursue their hobby “below the water surface”. In this context, of course, the bathers should not be forgotten, who have the chance to refresh themselves in many places on the lake.

Hiking through nature

Around 500 kilometers of hiking trails are available in the region around Lake Achensee. The hiking trails are well maintained and of course marked. Some of them lead over the mountains, through the valleys or even around the Achensee. We bet that you will have one or the other unforgettable experience on your hiking tour?

Of course, there are hiking trails for everyone at Lake Achensee – whether Nordic walkers, walkers (on some paths even with prams) or hiking professionals. They will all enjoy getting to know nature at Lake Achensee.

Climbing in the Rofan and Karwendel mountains

What would a mountain be without the opportunity to climb? There are numerous opportunities for climbing in the Rofan and Karwendel mountains. Around 250 sport climbing routes are offered.

The same applies here: no matter whether the beginner wants to try out climbing or the professional is looking for a challenging tour. Everything is offered.

Paragliding at Lake Achensee

If you want to aim high during your holiday at Lake Achensee, you can do so not only by climbing. The region around Lake Achensee also offers the option of first going up and then coming down. Namely while paragliding at the Achensee . A total of four starting places are available in Achenkirch, on the Rofan and in Pertisau. Do you dare to become the “king of the skies”?

The Hotel Bergland in Pertisau offers a landing pad directly on the field in front of the guest garden. So if you enjoy the sun there, you can also watch the breakneck landings.

Even more summer activities

If that’s still not enough, just try the Airrofan Skyglider , which will take you down at speeds of up to 80 km/h. There is also an interesting and exciting weekly program for children.

Winter events and happenings at Lake Achensee

Winter also has more to offer around Lake Achensee. When skiers and snowboarders make the pistes and cross-country trails unsafe and winter hikers enjoy the clear air, the residents at the lake plan and organize events that provide more than just a small change.

The winter events at Lake Achensee
Let’s start with the Advent season. Because the region around Lake Achensee has a very special Advent calendar to offer at this time. In Steinberg am Rofan, the entire village is responsible for measuring the time until Christmas Eve. Every day a single house is fully illuminated here to count the days until the Christ child comes.

But Advent has much more to offer at Lake Achensee. The Advent market is opened in Pertisau , the Achensee shipping company invites you to the Lake Christmas and in Achenkirch the Sixenhof invites you to marvel at a nativity scene with live animals at the Tyrolean Mountain Christmas.

Last but not least, watch out for all children who have not been good in the past year. Because on December 5th, the Perchten and Krampuses will take to the streets during the devilish Advent to warn them of further “misdeeds”.

Professional events, swimming for die-hards and fun run
The Achensee Rofan climb is a classic among ski tourers. Competitive ski mountaineering shows who has what it takes to be a winner. This event usually falls in the last weeks of January.

The New Year’s Eve swim at the Achensee is certainly not an event for “wimps”. On New Year’s Eve we go to the ice-cold Achensee. You have to swim 25 meters to ring the Glock on the iceberg. 25 meters? Oh yes – of course you have to swim the 25 meters back in the cold lake … After the cold way through the water, the participants can use a sauna to warm up.

Since 2006, cross-country skiers have been served at the Raiffeisen-Steinöl-Trophy , which takes place in January . You have a choice of 15 kilometers or 30 kilometers. In the meantime, children can practice at the mini-Achensee run to see if they are fit for the Raiffeisen-Steinöl-Trophy at some point.

The Achensee 3-Täler-Lauf is an event for everyone. You can choose between skating (11 kilometers or 22 kilometers) or classic (10 kilometers or 24 kilometers). Every participant here is among the winners of this event, which takes place in February.

In winter, various winter hikes are organized and carried out. Here you will find the right tour for everyone. For information on this, it is best to ask your hotel directly, where you are guaranteed to be given one or two more tips.

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