Bicycle trip: Why a Bicycle Trailer is The Ideal Companion

Are you planning your first bike trip over a longer period of time and looking at your packing list makes you dizzy? Then you should quickly think about what you can do without and how you want to transport all your odds and ends. In addition to classic bicycle bags, you also have the option of using a practical and, above all, spacious bicycle trailer .

The ideal bicycle trailer for extended tours

If you are traveling with a child, then ideally use a child bike trailer. Here you have the choice between a one- or two-seater . The advantage of the two-seater is obvious: in addition to sufficient space for the offspring, you also have plenty of storage space for your luggage . A good children’s bike trailer should “be able” to do this, among other things:

  • A trailer for the child or baby needs good suspension , especially if you are driving on bumpy slopes.
  • In impassable conditions, a lower tire pressure is also recommended .
  • Sufficient storage space saves you from bulky panniers.
  • When transporting a baby, it is best to use a hammock because it has much better cushioning than, for example, a baby seat.

Are you traveling without a child? Solution: cargo trailer

If you are traveling without a child, you also have a practical alternative , namely a bicycle trailer . There are different variants , from single lane to multi-lane, with more or less volume of storage space.

A cargo trailer should ideally meet the following criteria:

  • It is best to invest in a model that you can also use in everyday life for shopping.
  • Buy a product that folds as small as possible . This is particularly practical for storing away in winter or when you are traveling by car and bicycle.
  • The dead weight should be as low as possible.
  • Make sure you have good suspension here too .
  • Think about how much space you need.
  • Make sure the trailer has a watertight seal .
  • Check carefully whether the hitch is compatible with your bike. It is best to use a universal hitch that also fits other bikes!
  • Take a close look at how maneuverable the trailer is . Logically, you want to be able to drive with the tightest possible radii.

Keep in mind that if you rely on a single-track cargo trailer , it is less usable for everyday use. On the other hand, it offers numerous convincing advantages for cycling trips . You should therefore carefully consider in advance whether you also want to use the trailer in everyday life.

A cargo trailer can offer you many advantages when travelling . On the one hand, your cargo stays dry and, on the other hand, you have much more space than is the case with ordinary panniers, for example. If you need a lot of space, you can of course use both variants. If you are traveling with a child , a two-seater would be ideal. However, it is important that you protect your child adequately from the charge . Apart from that, it is of course all the more important that you adapt your own driving behavior when driving with children and take frequent breaks for the sake of your offspring. A ride in a trailer is a greater strain on the back than you would initially think, especially for small children.

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