4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Packing For Your Trip Around The World

You want to go on a trip around the world and have no idea what to pack in your suitcase? Perfect, in this article I want to help you!

I have to say one thing right away: In my opinion, there is no such thing as the right packing list for a trip around the world. Such trips are usually too different for that . If you go on a city trip through the USA , you need completely different things than someone who is backpacking through South America.

However, some tips apply to every trip around the world and you will find out the most important of them now:

Tip #1: Pack as little as possible

Anyone who embarks on a trip around the world will often travel from city to city and will therefore be on the move a lot. For this reason, it is essential to take as little as possible with you on the trip!

The best way to help yourself here is to focus on quality instead of quantity . A good, comfortable pair of shoes that can be worn all day is much more practical than a whole set that has to be changed frequently due to the strain.

It is also advisable to pack multifunctional clothing: A single jacket that protects against rain and wards off the wind, but which also ventilates well at higher temperatures, makes much more sense than different jackets for every purpose.

Tip #2: Buy your maps and guidebooks at home

You should always buy travel guides and maps at home . There you are spoiled for choice due to the large selection on Amazon and Co, but you can also stick to a perfect and well-researched travel guide . On site, the selection is usually much smaller.

Tip #3: Buy your travel adapter at home!

Many vacationers often do without getting an adapter at home – since there is usually enough choice in the holiday country.

But this is anything but advisable! Because depending on the region, there are often completely different conditions in the power grid and, in extreme cases, a poorly processed socket adapter can even ensure that the expensive laptop is no longer usable due to excessive voltage. In addition, many no-name products are questionable in terms of safety .

It is therefore best to check before you leave whether you need a travel adapter in your holiday destination . When buying, make sure that the adapter is TÜV tested – then nothing can actually go wrong! A good tip are products from the Swiss manufacturer Skross .

Tip #4: Take care of your health!

This tip actually goes without saying. Common sense usually tells you that when traveling to some countries you should also be careful when it comes to health.

In concrete terms, this means that you can have a thorough check-up before you travel and, if necessary , get vaccinated against certain diseases .

In addition, you should also carry the required medication (if permitted) in sufficient quantities. Medical care is not as good everywhere as it is in Central Europe and not every drug is available everywhere.

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