Green Babymoon: Travel sustainably before the baby is born

Going on vacation while pregnant is very trendy. No wonder, after all it is the last chance for the parents-to-be to enjoy togetherness. But Babymoon is no longer an easy journey, many tour operators have recognized the potential and jumped on the bandwagon. There are now plenty of four and five-star hotels with so-called babymoon programs.

Tips for a relaxing, sustainable babymoon

Of course you can enjoy the last journey before the birth in your own way. The important thing is that you take good care of yourself and your baby. Whether you prefer to do this in the city, by the sea or in the country is up to you. However, you should note a few things :

  • Plan your trip in the second trimester of pregnancy , roughly between the fourth and sixth month . Then the nausea is over, but the belly is not big enough to restrict you.
  • Only travel to countries with good medical care – not to Africa or the Arab countries.
  • Pay attention to hygiene and food , especially in tropical travel destinations – because what is bad for your body is not good for your child either.
  • There is an increased risk of thrombosis in pregnant women – so avoid long flights . This is also good for the environment.
  • Diving is taboo due to the high pressure conditions , as is overly strenuous physical activity.
  • Consult your gynecologist before traveling and take the maternity passport with you wherever you go .
  • Support the local economy in hygienically safe areas and rely on regional products – for example, local vegetables are always healthier and more sustainable than those that have already traveled halfway around the world. And it’s tastier too.

The most beautiful babymoon destinations

Long journeys are not recommended for pregnant women , as they are very stressful. Therefore, look for a few nice destinations in your area that you can also travel to by car, long-distance bus or train – the latter is of course a particularly environmentally friendly alternative . Maybe these tips will help you:

  • The Black Forest with its wonderfully quiet surroundings is the perfect babymoon destination . The wellness treatments in the spa hotels can be perfectly complemented by nature hikes and thus contribute to well-being.
  • France also offers beautiful areas. Whether you enjoy the romance in the city of love or settle down in a country house in Provence is up to you.
  • How about England too ? With the Eurostar you can travel comfortably and quickly to London and from the hectic city to the country to a pretty cottage – or you can enjoy the big city bustle. But please do so in moderation!
  • Austria and Switzerland are also at the forefront when it comes to wellness hotels. How about a stay in one of the many health resorts , for example ?

No matter where you want to spend your babymoon: take good care of yourself and don’t drive too far away – if something happens, you certainly don’t want to be 8 time zones away from your midwife. It is better to choose holiday destinations that can also be reached by bus and train . If you are looking for suggestions for your next holiday – at Green Pearls Unique Places you will find a large selection of green hotels !

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