Baby & Cycling Holiday: 5 Tips For a Relaxing Cycling Holiday

Many parents imagine cycling holidays with children to be the purest horror trip: the children are screaming and you yourself are tired and frustrated. But that need not be. With a few tips, a cycling holiday with a baby can even be really relaxing. Have we piqued your interest? Then read our little guide here.

#1: The right trailer

Everything stands or falls with the right bicycle trailer . Take your baby with you when you go to a specialist shop so that he can test for himself whether he feels comfortable in it or not. Take it for a spin to be completely sure.

If your baby starts crying as soon as you put him in, chances are your vacation won’t get much quieter either. In addition to perfect comfort , the trailer should meet the following criteria:

  • You should be able to fit an infant carrier or hammock in it if you want to transport a baby who is not yet able to sit up.
  • The pendant should be valuable and well made
  • Pay attention to any seals of quality, such as the TÜV or the GS mark !
  • High-quality springs are essential for babies’ sensitive spines – they absorb shock perfectly and protect your little one’s back.
  • Make sure the trailer is light so that you can pull it easily. You too should feel comfortable with your choice.
  • Choose the trailer to suit your preferred route : If you only want to ride on paved, flat trails, you don’t need a high-tech part. Here it is more important that it is light, narrow and easy to pull. On the other hand, if you want to venture into the hilly mountains, you should spend a little more on the suspension.

Incidentally, you can also find in -depth information and even a current bicycle trailer test at . There is sure to be a suitable model for your needs and your budget!

#2: The right equipment

Babies have special needs because they are still very sensitive, especially when it comes to bumps. Therefore, a hammock is ideal. This floats freely in the trailer and provides an additional suspension effect that benefits your baby’s back.

#3: Careful driving style

In the end, everything stands and falls with your driving behavior . Don’t drive too fast, even if it seems inviting to speed down the hill. If you intend to turn, make sure any cars are far enough away to give you plenty of time to turn. Expert tip: If you have insufficient suspension, reduce or optimize the air pressure in the tires !

#4: Create a good atmosphere

This means that your baby is as comfortable as possible in the trailer. Add a toy, favorite stuffed animal or a comfort blanket to your little one . Alternatively, a small radio with relaxing music can help.

#5: Take breaks

Take regular breaks . Since your child sits relatively rigidly in the trailer and has little opportunity to move, it should always be able to stretch out. Give him something to eat and drink . But you too have the right to a break: if there are two of you, take turns pulling.

A cycling holiday with a baby doesn’t have to be stressful, it just requires the right preparation . Take your time to find a pendant that both you and your baby will like. Plan well ahead. Then nothing stands in the way of a relaxing cycling holiday.

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