Understanding Dog Arthritis

1 in every 5 adult dogs suffers from the debilitating disease called arthritis. Dog Arthritis is far more common than most people expect and most of the time the symptoms are so subtle that we don’t even know our dogs are suffering.  To date most pet owners still truly believe that their dogs are not in pain because they don’t cry.  This is a huge misconception. The days are gone that a dog should have to be euthanized due to their inability to get up and function.  The key is catching it early and having a plan.  We are going to help you do that and for those of you whose dogs are already struggling don’t worry, help is on the way!

The Dog Arthritis Guide was developed for dog owners like yourself seeking comprehensive trustworthy information. The more informed and educated you are about the causes, prevention and treatment for dog arthritis, the better you will be able to help you dog.

Though I love my veterinary colleagues unfortunately more times than not, many of them do not give you the complete information about how you can help your dog with arthritis. Whether it is because appointments only last 15 minutes and there is not enough time to discuss everything, or they don’t know all of the options that exist, or in the worst case they just don’t think that it is that important.

Whichever the case, now you will be armed with valuable information to help your make the right decisions for your dogs long term joint health and you will be able to ask informed questions to your veterinarian.

Remember arthritis does not only affect older, geriatric dogs it also affects younger dogs many with predisposing conditions such as hip dysplasia or even obesity.  Starting proper joint supplementation at an early age is vital to maintaining balanced joint health throughout life.  In addition, when if comes to joint health there is much more to it than just glucosamine and chondrotin. Though these two glycosaminoglycans are valuable components there are tons of additional ingredients that can safely benefit your dogs joints. Remember, Natural first, medication second!

Focus should be on a well balanced joint supplement that has both natural anti-inflammatories and chondroprotectants (ie. Glucosamine hydrocloride) in one.

This Dog Arthritis Guide will serve as your comprehensice guide, covering everything and anything related to Dog Arthritis from prevention to treatment. Just follow the categories on the left to learn more about how to beat this potentially devastating disease.

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