Amazon Home Warranty Review

An Amazon home warranty is a service agreement that provides for the repair or replacement of covered items in your home. The plan covers most major appliances and systems, including air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical.

If something goes wrong with a covered item, simply call the home warranty company, and they will send a technician to your home to diagnose and repair the problem.

In some cases, they may even be able to do it over the phone! There is no need to worry about expensive repairs or replacements, as the home warranty company will take care of it all.

A home warranty can give you peace of mind knowing that your home is covered in case anything goes wrong. It is one less thing to worry about when something breaks down. So if you want an added layer of protection for your home, an Amazon home warranty may be right for you!

Pros & Cons

As with any home warranty, there are pros and cons to having an Amazon Home Warranty. Some people find the coverage well worth the price, while others feel overpaying for a service they will never use.

Here are some things to consider when making your decision:


  • Coverage for many different types of appliances and systems in your home.
  • Affordable monthly price -This can save you money on repairs or replacements.
  • Convenient customer service.


  • Some people feel like they never use their warranty, which wastes money.
  • Not all repair companies are affiliated with Amazon Home Warranty, making repairs more difficult.
  • You may have to pay a deductible when using your warranty.

States Covered

If you’re considering an Amazon home warranty, it’s essential to know which states the company covers.

Amazon home warranties are currently only available in 21 states:

  • AL
  • AR
  • AZ
  • FL
  • GA
  • KY
  • LA
  • MA
  • MN
  • NC
  • NH
  • NV
  • NY
  • OK
  • SC
  • TX
  • UT
  • VA
  • WA
  •  WI
  •  WY

So if you live in any other state, you’ll need to find another home warranty provider.

There are a few reasons why Amazon only offers home warranties in these 21 states.

  • First, these are all populous states with many homeowners, which means that Amazon has a large potential customer base in these states.
  • Second, these are all states with relatively relaxed regulations regarding home warranties.

Makes it more accessible for Amazon to offer a home warranty product in these states than in others. Suppose you’re an Amazon customer who lives in one of the four covered states. In that case, a home warranty from the company may be a good option for you to consider.

However, if you don’t live in one of those states, you’ll need to look elsewhere for your home warranty needs.

Available Plans

As a homeowner, it is crucial to protect your investment. An Amazon home warranty can give you peace of mind knowing that your home is protected against unexpected repairs. There are three plans to choose from, each with different coverage levels.

  • Essential Appliances
  • Major Systems
  • Combo Plan

Essential Appliances plans cover repair or replacement costs for up to 20 items in your home, including air conditioners, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, and more. This plan is an excellent option for people who want protection for their most important appliances.

Major Systems plans to protect your home’s most important systems, including electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, water heater, and more. This plan is an excellent option for people who want peace of mind knowing that their home’s most important systems are covered.

Combo Plans combine the coverage of Essential Appliances and Major Systems into one comprehensive plan. This plan is an excellent option for people who want complete home protection.

Real Estate Plans

AHW’s plans for real estate professionals are not the same as its consumer plans. Instead of the three-tier model, real estate professionals are encouraged to contact AHW directly for a quote. AHW understands that every business is different, so they offer custom quotes for their professional customers.

Plan Pricing

AHW is slightly different from other companies because they don’t post their prices online. You have to provide your location and contact info to get a quote. We tried this out for their three plans across three states – Florida, New York, and Texas.

Here are the quotes we got back:

  • For the “Essential Appliances” plan, AHW quoted us $479 in Florida, $479 in New York, and $479 in Texas.
  • For the “Major Systems” plan, AHW quoted us $479 in Florida,$479 in New York, and $479 in Texas.

Prices varied based on the state but also the type of policy.

For the most part, home warranty companies will charge you based on the type of home you have and the location of your home. However, as we can see from the data above, there doesn’t appear to be any difference in the prices offered by AHW for these two types of homes.

Makes it difficult for potential customers to know how much they would be paying for a policy with this company.

For those looking for a comprehensive home warranty plan, AHW’s Combo Plan is a great option. It covers nearly all common home systems and appliances, with a few notable exceptions like swimming pools and clothes washers/dryers.

And at $574 per year, it’s priced right in line with the average cost of a home warranty plan in the US. If you don’t need coverage for as many systems and appliances, AHW also offers two more limited plans.

  • The Essential Plan starts at just $349 per year and covers seven of your home’s most important systems and appliances.
  • A more limited coverage, their Systems Plan costs just $429 per year and covers four essential systems.

In both cases, these plans are priced significantly below the average cost of a home warranty plan. Remember that AHW only allows you to buy these plans annually. So if you’re looking for short-term protection for your home, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

But for comprehensive or budget-friendly coverage that lasts an entire year, AHW is worth considering.

Amazon Home Warranty cost

Plan Average cost
Essential Appliances Plan $349/year or $29/month
Major Systems Plan $429/year or $36/month
Combo Plan $579/year or $48/month

Optional Add-Ons

In addition to the standard coverage included with your plan, you can add optional coverage for a monthly fee. Includes pool and spa equipment, septic systems, well pumps, and more.

Plus, unlike some other home warranty companies, Amazon Home Warranty provides pricing information for these optional extras on their website. So you know what you’re getting and how much it will cost.

Types of Damage Covered

What does AHW’s contract cover? AHW provides a sample contract on their website, which details the type of damage their policies cover. The contract we reviewed was standard for the industry.

AHW policies typically cover fire, water, theft, and vandalism. However, there are some exclusions to be aware of, such as floods and earthquakes. If you’re not sure if your policy covers a particular type of damage, it’s always best to contact your agent or AHW directly to find out.

  • If specific appliances or systems fail, fix them.
  • Cover repair and replacement costs on major home systems and appliances in the event of normal wear and tear breakdowns.

Plan Exclusions 

Some standard exclusions are things like light bulbs, batteries, and paint. These things can easily break or need to be replaced often and are not considered significant appliances or home systems.

Other exclusions include damage from insects, rodents, or pets. Because these things are considered to be your responsibility to keep out of your home, there are also a few coverage limits that you should be aware of.

For example, Amazon Home Warranty will not cover more than $500 for any one repair. They also have a limit of two claims per year per customer.

So if you have a lot of repairs that need to be done, you may want to consider another warranty plan that has no limit on the number of claims you can make. It’s important to read through the list of exclusions and limitations before you purchase a warranty plan.

That way, you’ll know what is and isn’t covered and won’t be surprised when you try to file a claim and deny it.

Payout Caps

AHW’s home warranty plans are some of the most affordable on the market, and their service fees are lower than average. The only downside is that their payout caps are lower than average, and they can be more difficult to understand than other companies plans.

Despite the challenges, AHW is still a great option for budget-minded consumers looking for reliable coverage. Their customer service is excellent, offering a wide range of coverage options. If you’re willing to research and understand your plan’s terms, AHW can be an excellent choice for your home warranty needs.

Claim Response Times 

Homeowners should remember that while AHW may be able to provide authorization for a major repair within 48 hours of a service call request, the company uses a network of providers.

This means that the homeowner may not be able to use their preferred provider and will have to work with whomever AHW sends out. Additionally, it’s important to note that while AHW does state that they will attempt to expedite repairs if there is an emergency, they also get to determine what constitutes an emergency.

So, suppose homeowners are dealing with something they believe is urgent. In that case, they may want to contact the company directly to discuss their options.

Customer Service and Claims

Suppose you have an issue with any of the systems or appliances in your home. In that case, you can contact Amazon Home Warranty for help. One of the advantages of having a home warranty is that you don’t have to worry about finding a qualified service provider to fix the problem.

Amazon Home Warranty will take care of that for you. All you need to do is make a phone call, and they will take it from there. Within 48 hours, you will be contacted by the service provider to schedule an appointment.

Customer Satisfaction

It is difficult to ascertain the level of customer satisfaction with AWH. On the one hand, the company has a D+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – indicating poor performance. However, customer reviews submitted to the BBB show an average rating of 3.73 out of 5 – which would put the company among the best in its industry.

AHW does not seem very focused on the customer, based on the research. There are many complaints about the quality of service, and it is difficult to assess how reliable AHW would be.

A home warranty provider needs good customer service to build trust with potential customers. Still, AHW seems to fall short in this area.

In addition, the company doesn’t offer free cancellation, and homeowners must sign up for a year, which could lead to some unhappy customers if they do not have a good experience with AHW.

Amazon Home Warranty vs. American Home Shield

Check out how AHW and American Home Shield Warranty compare in terms of service.

AHW offers a wide range of services, from HVAC and electrical to plumbing and appliance repair. They also offer 24/7 customer service and have a team of highly trained professionals who can help you with whatever issue you may be having.

On the other hand, American Home Shield only offers coverage for specific items in your home. While they have various plans to choose from, their overall service is less comprehensive than that offered by AHW.

Additionally, American Home Shield does not have 24/7 customer service, so if you have an issue outside of regular business hours, you will have to wait until the next day to get help.

In terms of price, both companies offer competitive rates. However, AHW’s monthly fee includes all taxes and fees, while American Home Shield’s does not. When considering all factors, it is clear that AHW provides superior warranty service to American Home Shield.

Regarding the average plan cost, American Home Shield is slightly more expensive than Amazon Home Warranty. However, both companies offer three different plans and have comparable customer satisfaction scores on the Better Business Bureau website.

One significant difference between the two companies is their service fee. On average, American Home Shield charges $100 for a service fee, while Amazon only charges $75.

It could be a deciding factor for customers trying to choose between the two companies. Another key difference is the number of states that each company covers. American Home Shield covers 49 states (excluding Alaska), while Amazon only covers 21 states.

It could be a limiting factor for customers who live in states that Amazon Home Warranty does not cover.


Amazon Home Warranty is a decent option to consider if you’re in the market for a home warranty. It’s not our top pick overall, but it does have some features that may appeal to certain homeowners.

One thing we like about Amazon Home Warranty is that it offers four different plan options, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Another plus is that there are no service call fees; you only pay for repairs or replacements when needed.

And if you’re unsatisfied with a repair, Amazon will work with you to make things right. On the downside, there are some gaps in coverage with Amazon Home Warranty.

For example, it doesn’t cover pools, spas, well pumps, or septic systems – all covered by our top-rated home warranty company… Additionally, its plans have a $1,500 per-incident limit on repairs and replacements – meaning if the cost of fixing something exceeds $1,500 (which isn’t uncommon), you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Amazon Home Warranty FAQs

1: What is an Amazon Home Warranty? 

An Amazon Home Warranty is an insurance policy that helps protect your home and appliances from unexpected repairs or replacement costs. It can cover items such as your furnace, air conditioner, washer and dryer, oven, dishwasher, and more.

2: How does an Amazon Home Warranty work? 

Suppose one of your covered appliances breaks down or needs repair. In that case, you can contact the customer service team to schedule a repair. A qualified technician will be dispatched to your home to diagnose and fix the problem.

In some cases, they may even be able to do it on the spot. There is no deductible or copayment required.

3: How much does an Amazon Home Warranty cost? 

The cost of an Amazon Home Warranty varies depending on the coverage you choose and the location of your home. However, most plans start at around $30 per month.

4: Is an Amazon Home Warranty worth it? 

Whether or not an Amazon Home Warranty is worth it depends on several factors, including how often you use your appliances, how old they are, and whether you feel comfortable handling repairs yourself.

That said, many people find that this type of protection gives them peace of mind knowing that they won’t have to worry about unexpected repair bills.

5: How long does an Amazon Home Warranty last? 

Most Amazon Home Warranties last for one year, though some coverage plans may be for a shorter or longer period.

6: What happens if I need to cancel my Amazon Home Warranty? 

If you need to cancel your Amazon Home Warranty for any reason, you can do so by contacting customer service. You may be refunded for any unused portion of your coverage.

7: What if I move after getting an Amazon Home Warranty? 

Suppose you move after getting an Amazon Home Warranty. In that case, you will need to contact customer service to cancel your old policy and sign up for a new one in your new location.

8: What is not covered by an Amazon Home Warranty? 

A few things are not typically covered by an Amazon Home Warranty, such as repairs due to normal wear and tear, preventive maintenance, and damage from pests or natural disasters.

Additionally, many plans exclude coverage for items like swimming pools, trampolines, and other recreational equipment. Be sure to read the fine print of your policy before you purchase it to know what is and isn’t covered.

9: How do I file a claim with my Amazon Home Warranty? 

If you need to claim your Amazon Home Warranty, simply call the customer service number in your policy documentation. You will then be asked to provide some information about the issue you’re experiencing and may be required to submit photos or other documentation.

Once your claim is approved, a qualified technician will be dispatched to your home to diagnose and fix the problem.

10: How do I know if an Amazon Home Warranty covers my appliance? 

The best way to know if an Amazon Home Warranty covers your appliance is to check the policy documentation. Most policies will have a list of covered appliances. Still, it’s always a good idea to double-check before you purchase a policy.

Additionally, you can always contact customer service with questions about what is and isn’t covered under your particular plan.

11: My appliance is broken, but I’m unsure if my warranty covers it. What should I do? 

If you’re unsure whether or not your warranty covers your broken appliance, the best thing to do is contact customer service. They will be able to help you determine whether or not you need to file a claim and what the next steps are.

In some cases, they may even be able to dispatch a technician without needing to file a claim first.

12: I need to cancel my Amazon Home Warranty. How do I do that? 

To cancel your Amazon Home Warranty, simply contact customer service. You may be refunded for any unused portion of your coverage, depending on the terms of your policy.

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